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ITG Robotics focuses on deploying human computer interaction interfaces, which improve service quality and optimize performance of customer facing businesses. When client satisfaction and business efficacy are paramount, we deliver solutions with no compromises.


ITG Kiosks can be used in educative contexts, where big amounts of information need to be processed, indexed, and easily accessed by visitors and scholars.


ITG Kiosks connect to our secure APIs, which provide diverse services of data intelligence and business analytics, a key asset for the Hospitality Industry.


ITG Kiosks are empowered by our smart inventory, support ticketing, and customer satisfaction analytics tools, providing retail stores with cutting edge capabilities.


At the core of all ITG Robotics deployments reside our APIs, which analyze user data (where appropriate and requested) and adapt interface behavior on the basis of client contextual analysis. We can base our analyses on questionnaire, textual, audio, and video streams. Whether the primary goal is optimizing business efficiency, or improving customer reviews and rating scores, we always provide actionable data, and clear cut metrics improvement.


The behaviors of our client facing systems are continuously evolving, shaping around the customer interaction feedback cycle. This allows our business clients to easily monitor their infrastructure and manpower for performance bottlenecks and unexpected behaviors. We make use of regression analyses, and supervised and unsupervised convolutional neural networks in order to improve the accuracy of our clients' organizational modeling.